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Salisbury College

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Salisbury College of New York City

Salisbury is the top private college for the young men and women of the next generation. Even though most of it's students come from the equally successful academy, many other young men and women have Salisbury as their first choice for college.
This is where they'll learn how to fulfill their career (even though most of the time it's their parents' choice), how to live their dreams, even how to live in order to face the outside world.
Salisbury is the home for great part of the young Upper East Siders, is where these kids will be with their own, is where they'll find themselves, is where they'll start living for good. This is the place where their parents will no longer see their actions.
Offering over a hundred graduation courses, Salisbury College is the top choice of anyone with class, personality, and above all, money.
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Salisbury College is also a sister site of Salisbury Academy for Boys salisbury_rp

By the way, this is all fake.