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Important! Before you see this list you must also see this list since these are sister comms. So both taken lists are valid. Also, it's very, very important that you check out the FAQ.

TAKEN: (Name - age - course)


Matt Sanders - 17 - Music and singing
Ian Watkins - 17 - none -
Jono Evans - 17 - Graphic Design / Photography
Ryan Morgan* - 18 - Film Making
Brian Haner Jr - 18 - Theatre
Zachary James Baker - 17 - Marine Biology
Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz, III.* - 20 - English (Resident Advisor)
Jimmy Sullivan - 19 - Music
James McAvoy - 23 - Oriental Culture
Tom Kaulitz - 19 - music teaching

* = one warning



Shannon and Jared Leto
Spencer Bergen
Mikey Way
Bill Kaulitz
Matt Mixon
Johnny Christ
Andy "The Butcher" Mrotek
James Hart


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