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Matt Shadows

1. Can my character live outside the college dorms?
>Yes, he/she can. As long as it's not outside the state of NY.

2. But I'll only be able to make scenes involving the college?
> No, you can rp with your char being anywhere in NY. But keep in mind that the community's focus is the college, not the city.

3. Can chars live together in the dorms? What about outside the dorms?
> Yes, they can have roomates. One room can have up to two residents. As for outside the dorms, the char can live wherever he/she wants, as long as it's inside NY. They can have a flat or something near the college.

4. I heard my character can get married? Sweet!
> Yes, but you'll have to follow strict rules. The couple will need to have at least 2 months of steady relationship with no major fights, both the players will have to be extremely active, and have no history in participating any OOC drama. Also, the State of NY doesn't allow same-sex marriages so the gay couples will have to do it on a State that allows it.

5. What about babiess?
> No babies. Period. No exceptions.

6. Even if I beg?
>No. And no sneaky pregnancies. We mods will find out and kick you out.

6. I heard there will be chicks in Salisbury College. =/ Won't it suck?
> I sure hope not. It'll be good for the comm's popularity. We'll see how it goes.

6.1. Well I like to play girls and I dig femmeslash. Will Salisbury College be cool for me?
> Hell yea! You just gotta find other femmeslash-digging players.

6.2. But I like to play girls and I dig het. What about me?
> I'm not gonna lie, 90% of the people in this comm dig male slash. So join at your own risk.

7. I play as a teacher in Salisbury Academy. Can I make my char move to Salisbury College?
> Yes, but be careful. We don't want all of our teachers moving to the College comm and leaving the High School comm with none.

8. I play as a freshman/sophomore/junior. Can I join Salisbury College?
> With a char made specially for the college comm, sure. With your Salisbury Academy char, nope.

9. I play as a senior, can I join Salisbury College?
> We encourage you to join the comm! After the graduation all of the graduated students can go to Salisbury College.

10. Cool! What do I have to do to join the new comm then?
> Wait until it's open on 04/16. If you already have a char on Salisbury Academy, all you have to do is join the new comm and post a bio of your character on the char's journal, where it says everything that's happened to him so far. Including what happened from the graduation until he reached the college. Also, include the course he'll be taking. There's no need for you to create a new journal or erase the old Salisbury Academy-related entries.

11. I wasn't in Salisbury Academy but I wanna join Salisbury College. Or I already have a char in Salisbury Academy but I want a new one in Salisbury College. What do I do?
> Simple! Go to the main community page and read the rules. After you've done that, go to the applications page and post your own!

11.1. Do I have to ask you to hold my char in Salisbury College even if I'm already playing him on the Salisbury Academy?
> Yes. I'd suggest you do it while there's no promo for SC yet. You can ask for holds here.

12. I have a question that's not on the FAQ. What do I do?
> Comment on this post with your question that a mod will answer it shortly.

13. I play a senior and he's going to SC, but he was dating someone who's not graduating with him. Can they still see each other?
> Yes they can. The two facilities are less than 60 miles from each other. They can carry on their relationship without problem.

14. But my char's graduating and I'm moving him to SC. Will someone else take my char again in SA?
> No. They are sister-comms, meaning they co-exist in the same AU. Your char's name will be kept in both communities' taken lists, to prevent people to apply as your char in SA if you have him in SC.

15. But still, I play a char who's not in college yet. Can he mingle/interact with the people in the college? Can he walk around the college campus and everything? Does the same goes to the college students who want to spend some time in the school campus?
> Yes, but there are a few rules (remember that IC rules are meant to be broken ;D ). You can read about this here and here.

It goes for the players of Salisbury Academy and new players as well. Check this constantly, since it's always updated with new questions.

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