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Matt Shadows

Starting Out (What to do BEFORE you join)

-Read the rules. Completely. No skimming. Break the rules, your membership will be terminated.

-This is a third-person, storybook-style role play. Asterisks (*, -, ~, etc.) are not permitted in regular play (the exception being in journal entries/comments on entries, if a character is just having fun, obviously). As such, please remember that netspeak is not permitted, and we encourage you to spell check before you post.

-This is a slash community, which means we're accepting only male characters. We are accepting characters that are involved in music in some way/actors/actresses/models/original characters/celebs in general.

-Make sure the character you want is available before applying, please. If the character you want is taken, but we approve of your application otherwise, you will have first choice at the next available character.

-Have your character journal and AIM screen name set up.

-Be sure to post a disclaimer in your character's userinfo making sure everyone knows you are not the person you play.

-Fill out the application completely. Don't skip questions, you won't get accepted.

Character Play (how to conduct yourself after you've been accepted)

-Have at least a basic history for your character prepared, but keep things realistic. Not every one at the college will have been raped by an asshole ex-boyfriend.

-Not every new person joining has to have their character be new to the college. The option is available if you'd rather have your character be from out of state and joining Salisbury, but you are allowed to have them be an existing student at the school.

-Godmodding, harassing other players and/or dragging OOC drama into the game can result in your immediate removal from the community. Any problems should be brought to the immediate attention of a mod.

-Mpreg, fpreg and suicide are not permitted. Depression, cutting, and attempted suicide are allowed, however they must be handled tastefully, or else your character will get a warning. Keep in mind that these are serious issues, and should not be taken lightly.

-Marriage and proposal is allowed. Only with the mods' permission and is the couple has been together for over 6 months.

-Please remember that rule number three is telling us what your favorite book is. This will be very important when filling out your application.

-Be active! This is probably one of the most important things we could ask of you. Even if someone's doing something they shouldn't be in terms of play, if they're often online doing it, they're still better off than someone who plays by the rules but is never on. As such, try to be online as often as you can.

-Updates in journals are also crucial. Please try to make an update in your character(s)' journal once every two weeks. The mods will give warnings after three weeks without updates, and after three of these warnings, you will be booted from the community.

-If you know you will be unavailable for an extended period of time, please please please post about it in the community, or at least contact a mod. That way your character can be put on hiatus until your return.

-You are allowed a maximum of two characters, unless you have specific permission from the mods to have a third. And permission will only be granted in special cases of really active members.

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