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Salisbury College is a community-oriented university college that caters to students both locally and from abroad. The college is situated on 200-acres of land on the outskirts of New York's suburban region and is a short distance from amenities and local amusements for those students that board on campus. It's about 60 miles away from Salisbury Academy, the two of them being separated by a gate and a fence that stays closed after 10pm to prevent occasional sneaking. By day, the students from both schools can mingle and meet at will.

Campus facilities available to both boarders and non-boarders alike include, but are not limited to:

200-seat dining hall
17 fully-networked classrooms
4 laboratories
200-seat performing arts center
school library and online software for resources searches
student lounge
indoor swimming pool
a gymnasium with regulation basketball court and climbing wall
5 playing field with spectator stands
2 tennis courts
fitness center
walking trails


The students are made to stay in as boarders, though they can leave the college's facilities on free will. Housing is divided between sections. There are many residential buildings, each according to it's common course. (Exact Sciences, Linguistics, Human Sciences, etc), the on-campus residences, can house up to 100 students in single rooms, complete with kitchenette, private bathroom and shared laundry facilities.

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